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Searching (The Eternal Dungeon): friendship fiction with a romance subplotCollapse )

Walking into a trap may be the only way to create one.

Danger runs high for Vito when he arrives at the Eternal Dungeon, escorted by guards. In this royal dungeon, prisoners are "searched" for their crimes, by torture and by more subtle means.

Vito knows that he will be searched. But he has his own searching to accomplish, and to do so he must undergo the scrutiny of the queendom's most accomplished torturer.

Vito was beginning to wonder whether this dungeon's prisoners were questioned in pitch darkness. That was a matter of some personal concern to him.


Bard of Pain (The Three Lands): mentor & protege plotline with romantic friendship subplotsCollapse )

In the battle-weary lands of the Great Peninsula, only one fate is worse than being taken prisoner by the Lieutenant: being taken prisoner if you are the Lieutenant.

As the world's most skilled torturer struggles with his change of fortune, he finds that his fate is intertwined with the destinies of an idealistic army commander, an affectionate prisoner, and a protégé who reveres the Lieutenant's art . . . but is on the wrong side of the conflict.

The beginning of the end for him (or so it seemed at the time) came in the moment that he stepped into the shadow of Capital Mountain and was assaulted by a stranger.

A wrench holding a dried wreath of flowers

Title: Bonds (Sweet Blood #1).
Author: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, AO3, DW/IJ/Tumblr/list.
Series: The Eternal Dungeon, an award-winning speculative fiction series set in a nineteenth-century prison where the psychologists wield whips.
Series cycle: Turn-of-the-Century Toughs, a cycle of alternate history series about adults and youths on the margins of society, and the people who love them. Set in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the novels and stories take place in an alternative version of America that was settled by inhabitants of the Old World in ancient times. As a result, the New World retains certain classical and medieval customs.
Categories: Original fiction: slash and gen.
Length: Novella (26,000 words).
Feedback: Yes, please.
Rating: R for violence and (in a separate scene) for nonviolent D/s.
Warnings: Boilerplate warning for all my stories.

A prisoner meeting his fate. A torturer meeting his demons. And between them, a man whose bonds are on the point of shattering.

As the head torturer of the Eternal Dungeon sets out to terrify his subordinates in a horrific manner, his junior guard seeks a way to rebel against orders. But deep within the drama lies another man, and the fate of the dungeon may be determined by whether that other man steps forward.

In the past, he would gladly have accepted the death sentence for his crimes – indeed, he had pled for it then, in the name of justice. But now he had another person in his life to consider.

Note: Bonds is the latest in a sequence of stories with related events and characters, as follows: Green Ruin (a humorous story set during a peaceful period soon before trouble arises in the Eternal Dungeon), On Guard (which I previously announced here), The Whipping Post and Open-Soul Surgery (both set during the events of Bonds), and finally Bonds (which follows upon the events in On Guard). If you want to avoid spoilers, you can read the stories in that order. However, I wish to emphasize: You don't need to have read any previous stories to understand Bonds.

Title: Adversaries.
Author: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, DW/IJ/LJ/Tumblr/list.
SeriesThe Three Lands, a fantasy series on friendship, romantic friendship, romance, and betrayal in times of war and peace. The series is inspired by conflicts between nations during the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages. You don't need to have read the other stories in the series to understand this one.
Categories: Original gen and original pre-het.
Length: Novella (34,000 words).
Feedback: Yes, please.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: Boilerplate warning for all my stories.

When an endangered slave visits an imprisoned spy, she discovers that she has more options in life than she had thought.

Life is not easy for Serva, the bastard daughter of the King of Daxis. Alternately treated as a slave and as a princess, she is distrusted on all sides . . . especially by her old rival from the nursery, her cousin the Prince.

When the Prince begins to hint that she is a threat to his ambitions, Serva must make a decision that will determine the course of her life. And that decision will determine the fate of a spy who is due to be hanged. . . .

Lying on my stomach in the passage, I held my breath. Knowing the man who spoke, I had no doubts as to what he was suggesting.


Title: Lost Haven: a master, his servant, and a disappearing island.
Author: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, DW/IJ/LJ/list.
Series: Waterman, a historical fantasy series and retrofuture series inspired by the Chesapeake Bay oyster wars, boarding school rivalries in the 1910s, and 1960s visions of things to come. You don't need to have read the other stories in the series to understand this one.
Categories: Original slash. Age-of-sail fiction set on an island. Liege-master/liegeman and master/servant (part of a servantfic/slavefic series).
Length: Short story (5,000 words).
Note: This is a holiday gift story for my readers, written in response to a prompt by Yingtai, and is also written in response to the 50 Darkfics challenge.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Rating: PG.
Summary: Amidst a servant's nightmare, can a haven of hope be found?

Meredith has brought his beloved master to the island where he spent the happiest days of his childhood. But when danger descends upon them, they must seek refuge, and Meredith must confront the tantalizing sorrows and rewards of change.

Then he remembered (on the edge of his memory, like a smudge of land on the horizon of the Bay) the reason that he and his father had lived alone on an island where once hundreds of people had lived.


Plus, three recently reissued stories:

The New Boy (Michael's House). Running a business seemed a simple enough matter: you learned what the patron wanted, and you forced an employee to satisfy his needs. Then along came the new boy. ¶ PG-13; gen/slash; historical fantasy; prostitutefic; chan in the subplots (but no onscreen sex); e-book.

Night Shadow (Darkling Plain). A prince who could see beyond his borders but not see the people around him. . . . An enemy who would take any measure to get what he wanted. .. . And now a stranger has brought news to the prince of an approaching danger. ¶ PG; gen; historical fantasy; lord/liegeman fic; prisoner fic; e-book.

Re-creation (The Three Lands). What can you give a slave who, by law, can own nothing? That is the question faced by Peter, the teenage heir to the throne of an empire. Despite his father's desire that the imperial heir maintain a formal distance from servants, Peter finds himself drawn in friendship to the younger boy who serves as his slave. But a shocking revelation on the eve of the New Year forces Peter to confront his own motives for keeping the slave close by. And that in turn will help him understand the deeper meaning of the gift-giving festival. ¶ PG-13; gen/slash; fantasy; slavefic; royalty/subject fic; underage characters (but no sex); e-book and online fiction.

Title: Spontaneous.
Author: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, DW/IJ/LJ/list.
Series: Leather in Lawnville, the adventures of a suburban leatherman.
Category: Original slash.
Length: Short story (4,000 words).
Feedback: Yes, please.
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: SM, M/s subplot, and severe misuse of lime gelatin. Boilerplate warning for all my stories.
Note: This is an oldie, but I'm about to repost the whole series, so I figured I'd announce this story for the sake of new readers.
Summary: Can an Old Guard top survive in a world with safe words?

Thinking about it, I've decided that bringing Jell-O to a gathering of leathermen wasn't my big mistake. My big mistake was bringing it on the night that Master Trent was attending.

Plus, two recent e-books:

Debt Price (Master/Other). No one would pay his debt price to gain him release from prison. So he sought to pay it himself by offering the only thing he could, his body. But one man would require more. ¶ R; gen/slash; historical fantasy; prisonfic, slavefic.

Searching (The Eternal Dungeon). Walking into a trap may be the only way to create one. ¶ PG-13; gen/slash; historical fantasy; prisonfic.

So you know how I link each year or so to all the stories I've published/posted/reissued recently, so that everyone can catch up?

Well, since my last update, I published/posted/reissued practically everything. Eleven novels and twenty-five pieces of shorter fiction. ("Shorter" usually means novella-length.) Enjoy.

Below, I've linked to all my online fiction and e-books during the past year or so, divided by series.

Here's my official bio: "Honored in the Rainbow Awards, Dusk Peterson writes fantasy, historical fantasy, science fiction, contemporary fiction, and New Adult speculative fiction. Suspense plays an important role in many of the tales; the conflict in those tales is both external and internal. Peterson's stories are often placed in dark settings, such as prisons or wartime locations. The mood of the stories, however, is not one of unrelieved gloominess: friendship, family, heterosexual romance, gay love, and faithful service are recurring themes."

Fandom translation of my bio: Originalfic and rare litslash. Gen, het, slash, friendshipfic, romance fic, powerfic, prisonerfic, slavefic, warfic, DSfic, darkfic, hurt/comfort fic, angstfic, and humorfic.

Boilerplate warning for all my stories.
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Cover for 'Fan Fiction Fan'Title: Fan Fiction Fan.
Authors: Dusk Peterson, with contributions from mdbl, Steve Berman, J.M. Snyder, and Emily Veinglory.
Where to find Dusk: Website, Dreamwidth blog, InsaneJournal mirror blog, LiveJournal mirror blog, e-mail list.
Category: E-book about slash fandom in 2002, gathering posts, e-mails, story passages, and artwork from around that time. The e-book is for sale; the introduction is free online.
Fandoms mentioned in the e-book: Original slash, rare litslash (various), historical slash (meta), and The Phantom Menace.
Series: Pixel-Stained: a documentary memoir of the electronic publishing revolution in gay genre fiction.
Rating: PG-13. (However, one of the stories has onscreen sex.)
Warnings: Discussions about, and story passages with, powerfic and darkfic. Also, discussions of abuse and kink, and very brief discussions of chan. Basically, since I'm a powerfic/darkfic writer, I was discussing those subgenres a lot in 2002. However, there's plenty of other types of discussions in the e-book as well.
Length: 50,000 words.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Summary: (This is the official blurb, so please excuse the haughty third person.)

A decade before e-books and self-publishing shook up the publishing industry, an author faced a dilemma: When you've written stories in a genre that is rarely published, what do you do?

At the beginning of 2002, Dusk Peterson (a journalist, history writer, and aspiring professional novelist) stumbled across the fan fiction community, where tens of thousands of readers and writers enjoyed gay genre fiction, which publishers rarely published.

Peterson's Muse didn't want to write fan fiction. That didn't matter. Gleefully, Peterson began posting male/male stories with original fantasy settings and characters to "slash" fan fiction e-mail lists, at the same plunging into fanficcers' world of online fiction, "songvids," conventions, celebrations of movie premieres, and endless discussions of literature, history, sexuality, and ethics. In the process, Peterson became part of a community that was taking advantage of the Internet's power in order to distribute stories, art, and videos that couldn't be professionally published.

This first volume in the Pixel-Stained series includes reminiscences, stories, and art from yaoi author/artist mdbl; Steve Berman, founder of the gay and lesbian speculative fiction publishing company Lethe Press; J. M. Snyder, founder of the queer fiction press JMS Books; and m/m romance author Emily Veinglory.

The only thing I lost that's a pain to reconstruct is my last letter to you. I'd written a lengthy letter that was along the lines of "OH MY GOD, THE PHANTOM MENACE ZINE ARRIVED, IT'S SO ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, I'M ABOUT TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK, YOU'RE AN UTTER SWEETHEART TO SEND ME THIS, KISS KISS KISS—" and as you can imagine, it's a bit hard to reconstruct that type of letter.

Cover for 'The Abolitionist'

Title: The Abolitionist.
Creator: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, e-mail list, Dreamwidth blog, InsaneJournal mirror blog, LiveJournal mirror blog.
Fandom: A crossover between my Turn-of-the-Century Toughs universe and Maculategiraffe's Slave Breakers universe. You don't need to know the fandoms to understand this story.
Pairing: One of my characters/one of Maculategiraffe's characters (and boy, did I have to flip a coin to decide which character to list first). The name of Mac's character is revealed at an appropriate point in the first chapter, but for those of you who can't wait that long for the exact pairing: [Spoiler]Carr/Jesse
Categories: Male/male attraction, male/male platonic feelings, male/female attraction (subplots), and male/female platonic feelings (subplots). Historical fantasy (with a touch of science fiction), class/rank themes, family themes, friendship fiction, master/servant (subplots), references to past master/slave, mentor fiction (subplot), spirituality themes, war fiction (subplot).
Age of Sail era: 1910s, because commercial fishing by sailboat didn't end in the nineteenth century on the Chesapeake Bay. My novel features the shore operations that supported the Bay's fishing boats.
Series: Waterman, a historical fantasy series and retrofuture series inspired by the Chesapeake Bay oyster wars, boarding school rivalries in the 1910s, and 1960s visions of things to come. I've been posting these stories out of order, so this is the first story in the series.
Warnings/rating: Boilerplate warning for all my stories, with an additional warning for profanity. R (or M by my ratings system in the previous link). Both main characters are over eighteen.
Length: Novel (60,000 words).
Feedback: Yes, please.
Note: With generous permission from Maculategiraffe, this is a DRM-free multiformat e-book (epub, html, mobi/Kindle, pdf, doc). The first couple of scenes can be read free online, or can be downloaded as an e-book sample.
Story summary: When a foul-mouthed, seditious foreigner turns up at your door, what are the benefits of letting him in? So wonders Carr, a young man living in a bayside nation that is troubled by internal battles. In his world, servants fight against masters, tonging watermen fight against dredging watermen, and landsteads eye one another's oyster grounds with greed. It seems to Carr that the only way in which to keep such warfare from entering his own home is to keep very, very quiet about certain aspects of himself which his family would not be able to accept.

But "trouble" is a word that appears to delight the new visitor. He is ready to stir up danger . . . though he may not be as prepared as he thinks to confront what lies within Carr.

The servants were scared stiff of him, and the masters were clearly uncertain what to say to a man who came from such an eccentric House. Nothing was different, nothing had changed. And yet everything had changed since Carr met a young foreigner who showed him not the least bit of respect.

New Member

Hello!  I just joined up today and thought I would introduce myself.

I go by the name Amyla online, and am an artist and a writer.  I've recently delved once again into the world of illustrated web fiction.  I tried it awhile back, but bit off more than I could chew, making it too complex with too many separate character accounts, no real direction in storyline or character definition, etc.  This time, I'm working with a bit more of a creative plan, with characters that are much more defined in my mind, and a general idea of where I want this storyline to go.  I feel as though, creatively, I'll do well with this.  However, I'm still trying to find some ways to bring more traffic-- invested traffic-- to the blog that serves as this project's home page.  So any suggestions or advice would be lovely!

Anyway, here's a brief synopsis of the story, one of the illustrations, and a link.  The project is called Memoirs of a Tourist.

My name is Evelyn Alvar.  I'm a writer and an artist.  Perhaps you've seen my illustrated novella series, which this blog is named after, or perhaps not.  They are something of a niche market.
These novellas detail fantastical landscapes, eerie and beautiful beings, strange stars and wonders and oddities.  My artwork attempts to capture these things, illustrations tucked between the pages.
The books are billed as fiction.  But they are not.
I have been to each and every one of these places.  You see, for as long as I can remember, I have been able to slip between the layers of reality, to visit realms that most believe to be fantasy or myth.  But they are very real.  I walk in them every day.  I take the name Siabhra  when I do this, and I... transform.  Dark hair becomes silver streaked with gold, brown eyes take on a shimmering violet hue, eyelashes and eyebrows shift to a frosted silver.  I don't know why this happens, but it does.

Here, you will read my story, and my stories.  You will see images I create that are dim and imperfect reflections of the things I've seen.  And you will likely believe this blog to be a creative expression, a fiction, the fantastical workings of a creative mind.  I won't disagree, but neither will I agree with you.

Edited because I forgot to post the link! http://siabrha.wordpress.com/

Here's a list of the new stories I've posted online or published as e-books in the past two years: original slash, original gen (often friendship fiction), and original het. They're works of fantasy, historical fantasy, and contemporary fiction which feature:

* gods, priests, and mortals
* rulers and subjects
* lords and liegemen/liegewomen
* mentors and students
* masters, servants, and slaves
* dominants and submissives
* torturers, guards, and prisoners
* soldiers, spies, and railroad men
* siblings

Not all at once, of course. :)

As the boilerplate warning for all my stories puts it, "All of the stories feature love or respect, though sometimes it takes a while to get there." I also have a bunch of older stories that I haven't listed here. To see them all, you can visit my home page or simply click on the links to the series pages below. If you want to, you can Friend my blog or sign up for my updates e-mail list.

The Eternal Dungeon, Life Prison, Commando, The Three Lands, Loren's Lashes, and cover artCollapse )


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