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October Prompts Session

For the next four days, or more if the session goes well, I'm looking for prompts. It's been Donor House month, so I'm after Donor House prompts, and Halloween prompts.Check it out on DW or LJ.

Cover for 'As a Seeker'

The Eternal Dungeon, a historical fantasy series on friendship and romance in a Victorian prison, has proved to be the most popular series I've written. Its omnibus e-book received three honors in the Rainbow Awards 2011, including winning the Best Gay Fantasy category.

The Eternal Dungeon is ten years old this year. Although I conceived the storyline some time in the 1990s, I began to write down the series on March 14, 2002. By the end of that month, I'd written 59,000 words about the Eternal Dungeon. (I spent the first half of the month finishing The True Master and writing all of the Life Prison novella. It was a busy month.) The first volume of the Eternal Dungeon series was serialized on slash fiction lists between September 2012 and January 2013.

If you've never read The Eternal Dungeon, then you can start here, with a story that can be read online or downloaded as a free e-book: The Breaking. (Story summary: The prisoner knew that the Eternal Dungeon was a place where suspected criminals were broken by torture, and he was prepared to hold out against any methods used against him – except the method he could not anticipate. Gen/pre-slash | PG-13 | hurt/comfort | 27,000 words | boilerplate warning for all my stories.)

If you've enjoyed reading the series, join the festivities. Chat with other readers of the series as I publish more Eternal Dungeon stories during the next few weeks. Post about some aspect of the series that intrigues you. Draw a picture of your favorite character. Post a vid about the series. Write a fanfic.  Let me and your fellow fans know how you're celebrating: post here or at my duskpeterson blog (you can post announcements, discussions, and creations there), or drop me an e-mail. If you'd like, I can link to your creation at Shared Universes, which collects links to fanworks inspired by my stories.

In the meantime, I would like to offer my profound thanks to the many slash fiction writers (especially these writers) whose stories spurred me into a frenzy of writing activity in 2002. Without the inspiration of those folks, most of the stories I've written in the ten years since then would not exist.

Title: Plus Love.
Creator: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, Dreamwidth blog, InsaneJournal mirror blog, LiveJournal mirror blog, duskpetersonbooks (e-mail list with announcements of my stories).
Categories: Original fiction. Male/female platonic feelings and male/male attraction. Friendship fiction, family themes, mental illness themes.
Series: Loren's Lashes. You don't need to have read the other stories in the series to understand this one.
Rating/warnings: PG-13 for profanity and sexual references. Boilerplate warning for all my stories.
Length: 8000 words.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Story summary: Everyone calls her a fag hag. But Gay Pride Day has arrived, and her best friend is about to give her a new name.

"Tell me you're gay!" Gary nearly knocked her to the floor as he scrambled over her. "Please tell me you're gay!"

Lesbian Vampire Fiction

First off as stated in the title this is a piece of original fiction that falls under the gene of lesbian real life (not sci-fi) vampire, romance story. I don't want anyone getting half way through and getting disappointed because this isn't what they were looking for. However, if this type of fiction is what you're looking for, you found it!

Title: In the Dark
Author: Tennya Amber Kellerstin
Rating: PG-13 bordering on R
Warnings: This story contains sex between women, blood and sex with blood

Disclaimer: Mine! All mine! Haha just kidding. No seriously, this is my own original piece of fiction that came from my own little complicated mind. I only want to thank my friend Rachel for giving me the influence (and deadline) to finish this after it sat untouched and uncompleted for two years.

Summary: Jill, who's nearly a life long vampire finds herself too deep into it one night and that causes her to begin to question her life style and even more so after meeting Casey, a "non-drinker" and the possibility of a romance between the two. Faced with accusations from her vampire group that she's turned her back on them and pressure from her family about still being single and her own frustration she's forced to choose. In order to do so she must look inside of herself, look back at her past and how it's brought her to this point and see who she really is and what she really wants for her future.

Word Count:14766 (total) (posted in three parts)

part one at my live journal here:

part two at my live journal here:


part three at my live journal here:


About all I hope you enjoy and comments are gratefully welcomed and appreciated 

These stories are written in response to the 50 Darkfics challenge, which offers one hundred one-word prompts on dark themes, to inspire authors to write stories on those topics. The darkfic written for this challenge ranges from lightly humorous to suspensefully dramatic. All of the stories here are set in the Midcoast nations of the Turn-of-the-Century Toughs universe. Turn-of-the-Century Toughs is my cycle of historical fantasy series about disreputable men on the margins of society, and the men and women who love them. The novels are set in an imaginary version of Maryland and other Mid-Atlantic states between the 1880s and the 1910s. One of the series in the cycle, Waterman, combines elements of the 1910s with retrofuturistic imagery from the 1960s.

Author: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, Dreamwidth blog, InsaneJournal mirror blog, LiveJournal mirror blog, duskpetersonbooks (e-mail list with announcements of my fiction and vids).
Fandom: My original gen/slash Turn-of-the-Century Toughs 'verse. You don't need to have read any of the previous stories to understand these.
Word count: 1200 | 80 | 2200.
Ratings: PG-13 | G | PG-13.
Prompt table and blurbs | Series warnings.

#92: Wax (The Eternal Dungeon). The Record-keeper of the Eternal Dungeon goes in search of a very special supply.

#34: Broken (The Eternal Dungeon AU). Layle Smith is not always the ideal man for the job.

#10: Torture (The Eternal Dungeon/Life Prison crossover AU). The High Seeker of the Eternal Dungeon visits a foreign prison.

smut_fest is an exchange/fest community for smutty original fiction. That is, fiction not based on anything but your own characters, which includes at least one explicit sex scene.

The sign-ups for the current round (Science Fiction) close on the 31st of May, so if you're interested, please go here!

Hope to see you there!

Title: Men and Lads.
Author: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, Dreamwidth blog, InsaneJournal mirror blog, LiveJournal mirror blog, duskpetersonbooks (e-mail list with announcements of my fiction).
Series: Life Prison, a historical fantasy series about male desire and determination in Victorian prisons. You don't need to have read the other stories in the series to understand this one, but this story does contain major spoilers for the first story in the series.
Categories: Original fiction. Male/male platonic feelings and male/male attraction. Friendship fiction, mentor fiction, prisoner fiction, race/ethnicity themes, spirituality themes. Plus, trains and tramps. Time: 1892.
Note: At my blog, I've posted an entry with links to maps, period illustrations, and notes on my research of this story. None of these are necessary to understand the story.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: Boilerplate warning for all my stories. Warnings for this series.
Length: 16,000 words.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Story summary: Two guards. Two prisoners. A multitude of problems.

He knew what his prisoner's expression would be before he saw it: a mixture of apprehension, wary hope, and the expression he had come to fear most of all – determination.

Cover for Love in Dark Settings Omnibus 2010

Here's a full list of the original slash and original gen stories I've posted online or published as e-books in the past year. They're original works of fantasy, historical fantasy, and contemporary fiction, which feature liegemen, servants, slaves, sailors, prisoners, bottoms, and/or 18-year-old students. (I also list a couple of fan fiction stories, in the litfic category.) As the boilerplate warning for all my stories puts it, "All of the stories feature love or respect, though sometimes it takes a while to get there."

The list below shows both my online fiction and my e-books. If you'd like to buy an HTML e-book containing all of my writings as of July 2010 (over a million words of fiction and 30 collections of fiction recommendations and nonfiction), visit Love in Dark Settings Omnibus. If there are any topics you prefer not to read about, be sure to read the warnings I link to.

If you prefer to browse by series or story cover, you can visit my home page. If you want to, you can Friend my blog or sign up for my updates e-mail list. The list of this year's storiesCollapse )

Back to Writing

Hi all. So I got to back to writing a web novel of mine now that's summer. I'd appreciate if you're interested in fantasy and might drop by and tell me what you think.

My site is http://writtenfire.com

Here's the synopsis:

Allen Delais’s memories are elusive, inseparable from his dreams. He remembers a home but not how to get there, and he wants to go back. All he has to give him a clue is a divine Mark beside his left eye. Three and a half years later, he’s no closer to an answer. In the meanwhile, he’s earned a commission for himself in the King’s Griffins, the elite core of the royal legions.

A chance event brings him to the king’s attention, and it seems the divine has a plan in store for him as well. The nobles in the kingdom are plotting treason, other kingdoms are on the move, and a dark god is turning his eye to expanding his territory. Allen Delais manages to find himself at the center of it all, struggling to keep the peace. But his real job isn’t for the king. It’s for his goddess.

Her name is Alianna.

If you like a lot of action, politics, and divine influences, this one's for you. The pacing picks up the most at the more recent chapters. The beginning ones help to set the scene. But if you want some fights, just skip to Ch. 9. You'll figure out what's going on.

stories :D

The Worth Of A Thing, slice of life into a hipster with a very unique friend from Mali

Wild Ativan, a man who builds a worldview based on auditory hallucinations


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