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Writers of Web Fiction

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Authors of Serials, Blooks, and Other Online Work
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For discussion of web fiction, and those who write it.
Welcome to Web Writers!

This is a community dedicated to those of us who publish our writing on the net, and all of the crazy problems and joys that come with the territory. We allow discussions about anything related to net fiction, as well the chance for new authors to rec themselves and their favorite works.

So if you're more concerned with getting the next chapter of your story up on your blog/website than you are about first publication rights or the latest submissions show-down, this is the community for you!

Community Rules

1. No flaming. I shouldn't have to tell you guys this, but it's best to get it out of the way, anyways.

2. No hate speech -- any insults based on someones race, religion, orientation, gender expression, disabilities, etc will not be tolerated here.

3. Feel free to advertise your own, original fiction work here. When you do, please be sure to include the title, a summary, word count, and any warnings (NWSF, etc).

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ah_gayfiction: A community for all writers to come and post homosexual fiction. There is always one large Community Challenge going on at all times, but also expect to see small challenges as well... please come and join!

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