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New Member

Hello!  I just joined up today and thought I would introduce myself.

I go by the name Amyla online, and am an artist and a writer.  I've recently delved once again into the world of illustrated web fiction.  I tried it awhile back, but bit off more than I could chew, making it too complex with too many separate character accounts, no real direction in storyline or character definition, etc.  This time, I'm working with a bit more of a creative plan, with characters that are much more defined in my mind, and a general idea of where I want this storyline to go.  I feel as though, creatively, I'll do well with this.  However, I'm still trying to find some ways to bring more traffic-- invested traffic-- to the blog that serves as this project's home page.  So any suggestions or advice would be lovely!

Anyway, here's a brief synopsis of the story, one of the illustrations, and a link.  The project is called Memoirs of a Tourist.

My name is Evelyn Alvar.  I'm a writer and an artist.  Perhaps you've seen my illustrated novella series, which this blog is named after, or perhaps not.  They are something of a niche market.
These novellas detail fantastical landscapes, eerie and beautiful beings, strange stars and wonders and oddities.  My artwork attempts to capture these things, illustrations tucked between the pages.
The books are billed as fiction.  But they are not.
I have been to each and every one of these places.  You see, for as long as I can remember, I have been able to slip between the layers of reality, to visit realms that most believe to be fantasy or myth.  But they are very real.  I walk in them every day.  I take the name Siabhra  when I do this, and I... transform.  Dark hair becomes silver streaked with gold, brown eyes take on a shimmering violet hue, eyelashes and eyebrows shift to a frosted silver.  I don't know why this happens, but it does.

Here, you will read my story, and my stories.  You will see images I create that are dim and imperfect reflections of the things I've seen.  And you will likely believe this blog to be a creative expression, a fiction, the fantastical workings of a creative mind.  I won't disagree, but neither will I agree with you.

Edited because I forgot to post the link! http://siabrha.wordpress.com/


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